Custom Desk

Sorry folks, but this piece is not for sale!!  This was a

Revive and transform
well-worn treasures.

Before you toss away outdated or tired-looking furniture and replace it with something new – and potentially very costly – you may want to consider having it refinished. Sarah will help you revive and transform your well worn treasures into something that you will adore once again.

Pieces are painted by hand and/or with the use of a professional sprayer. The choice is made depending on the desired style, while both options provide a wonderful finish. All projects use high quality paints, typically water-based, for a beautiful, durable finish.

Unsure as to what you want done? Sarah will gladly provide some suggestions for you to consider. Please contact us for a quote.

Looking for something new? Revitalized and custom built pieces are also available for purchasing. Check out our Shop for available pieces.