A friend and former colleague of mine found this cute little cabinet and asked if I could give it a make-over for her….and of course I said YES!!  I love the style of this cabinet, and I think it is pretty old given that there are wooden pegs that hold it together in areas.

B Blue Cabinet 1A

As you can see, the cabinet has been painted over a few times (oh and you can see those wooden pegs I was referring to in the top left and right of the side of the cabinet in the photo below…..that makes it old – right??)

B Blue Cabinet 2

Anyway, given the really rustic look of the piece already, I thought I would use chalk paint on it as I like it best for distressing…and I figured that I would give this cabinet a fair bit of distressing to keep with it’s rustic look — plus chalk paint really covers nicely over previously painted furniture.  Although it is not required with chalk paint, I did give the cabinet a really good once over with my sander to get rid of any flaking/peeling paint and to try and smooth out as much as possible the surface in areas where there was a lot of texture in the existing paint.  I then filled in some cracks/holes with wood filler and of course re-sanded those areas.  The knobs on the cabinet were not removable as they are glued in with wooden pegs (not screws like most knobs)…so I had to paint them on the piece.

So….what do you think??…do you like it?

B Blue Cabinet 5

B Blue Cabinet 7

I painted first a coat of a DIY chalk-like paint in a light aqua/teal colour over the dresser (which was a few shades lighter then the existing paint colour that was on it), then painted over that with Annie Sloan’s Aubusson Blue.  I then distressed it down in areas so you could see the aqua/teal colour, some of the original paint colours, and in some areas right down to the natural wood.

B Cabinet 3

B Blue Cabinet 6

I am really pleased with how it turned out and I sure hope my friend likes it too!!

B Blue Cabinet 4

I really enjoy doing custom work for people….so if any of you have pieces of furniture that you would like me to freshen up, I would be happy to provide you with a quote!