I went to a large indoor garage sale a couple of weekends ago,  the first of such that I have ever been to, and man was it ever packed….there was a huge line up at the doors before it opened!!  So, the first thing I did once I got in was quickly scope out the vendors to see who was selling furniture….as I figured things would go fast with such a crowd!  I scored two of the same little bedside tables…the ‘before’ photo of one of which is shown above….it was a good thing they were small pieces, as it was hard enough to get them through the crowd and out of the building!

I have had a lot of people lately asking me for certain pieces in my stock of furniture, and nine times out of ten, they are looking for that particular piece in white….I suppose you can never go wrong with white (I know I love it on furniture!!) and it will not likely go out of style.  As such, I thought I would do these little bedside tables up in white.

I have two types of knobs that I am considering for these tables – glass or a black metal knobs….I cannot not decide on which ones I like better on the tables….so I put one set of knobs on each….which ones do you like better?…the glass or the black knobs??

B Side Tables 3

B Side Tables 2

Here are a couple more photos that may help you to decide….

B Side Tables 6

B Side Tables 7

B Side Tables 4

Although the paint looks different on the bedside tables in the photo above…they are the same!!!…I never seem to be able to snap my pictures in perfecting lighting!….so what do you think about the knobs?  I would love to hear from you!


 p.s. I will be posting these up for sale in my on-line Shop once I make a decision on the knobs!!