Before and After

BA White Vanity

Very Pretty Antique Vanity

BA L Blue Dresser

Dresser in Soft Blue

BA Hope Chest

Turquoise Bedside Hope Chest With Glass Knobs

BA Turquoise Bedside Table

Turquoise Bedside Table With Glass Knobs

BA Grey Cabinet

Antique Cabinet

BA Blue Book Cabinet

Really Rustic Cabinet

BA Blue Country Cabinet

Country Cabinet

BA Green Table

Little Occasional Table


BA White Cabinet

Antique Armoire


BA Antique W Dresser

White Antique Dresser on Wheels


BA Waterfell Vanity

Little Girl’s Waterfall Desk


BA Black Bedside Table

Antique Bedside Table



White End Table

BA Teal Dresser

Unique Dresser

BA Blue 70s Dresser

Dresser Make-Over

BA Blue MP Cabinet


Rustic Cabinet

BA Blue Sideboard

Lovely Cabinet

BA Drum Table

Drum Table

BA Grey Dresser

Light Grey Dresser


White Antique Sideboard


Antique Dresser


Small Stool / Seat


Outdoor Bar Stools


White Coffee Table


Occasional Table


Child’s Room End Tables

BA White Table

Pretty Side Table

BA Headboard


BA Sewing Table

Sewing Table

BA Red Dresser 2

Red Tallboy Dresser

BA White Chunky Coffee Tbl

Country Coffee Table

BA Yellow Dresser


BA Kitchen Bench


BA Small Dresser

Small Dresser

BA Big Pine Dresser

Large Pine Dresser

BA Country Coffee Table

Coffee Table

BA Country End Tables

End Tables

BA Decorative Table

Decorative Table