Antique White Dresser

01 Mar
B Antique W Dresser 1

At first glance I thought this little antique dresser did not have much potential….it was pretty beat up, the drawers stuck and would not open without having to reef on them, it had hardware with missing pieces, and well, the overall finish just made it look so dark and dreary…..if it was not for the […]

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Little Chalk-Painted Table

27 Feb
B Green Table 2

We woke up to yet another snowy morning today!…the very light fluffy kind, which is nice as it is so much easier to shovel (not that I have gotten to it yet!!).

I was given this cute little table from a relative of mine who did not want it (there is nothing better then

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Country Cabinet Make-Over

02 Feb
B China Cabinet 1

I picked up this cabinet (sorry I did not get a photo of the separate pieces stacked as they should be) last summer as I really liked the size and shape of it….but as you can see it was a little

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Custom Occasional Table

28 Jan
B wilma Table 1

The little occasional table shown above is one of two little tables that I was given by a client to refinish, and her request for this one was that it be refinished in white. I am not sure if you can tell in the before photo that

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