Sorry folks, but this piece is not for sale!!  This was a custom paint project that I did for a cousin of mine.  Someone had started to do some work on this desk, but I guess they just did not get around to finishing it.  Right away I could see the potential that this desk had, and I could not wait to get started on it!

My cousin requested that I stain the top and paint the base white….a classic choice, which I think looks amazing on the desk – don’t you agree?!

B White Dresser 2

……and she also requested some distressing…..which unfortunately is a little hard to see in the photos that I took – I should have taken a few more close up shots!….but I distressed along the edges of each drawer, and along the edges of the main body of the desk….

B White Dresser 3

B White Dresser 5

I put a medium to dark coloured stain on the top of the desk…..

B White Dresser 4

….and kept the original hardware for the piece, but did freshen them up with a coat of oil-brushed bronze coloured paint, which I thought tied in nicely with the colour of the wood stain.

I sure hope she likes it!  I am always a little anxious when I do custom paint projects for clients, as I don’t own the pieces and would feel bad if the final result is not what they were expecting.

Well I better be off, I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!