I cannot seem to get enough of the colour turquoise  -  in all it’s various shades…..it is such a fun colour to paint furniture, and although it may not be everyones taste, I JUST LOVE IT!  So, I decided to paint up a couple of pieces with my favourite turquoise (Sherwin William’s –  Nifty Turquoise) over the past week….here are the before pictures of them….

B Hope Chest 1

B Hope Chest 2

Would you not agree that these pieces needed a little pizzaz!!!….boy did they get some (well at least I think so!)

B Hope Chest 3


B Hope Chest 4

Although they are not a matching set, I think they would look great in the same bedroom.  I put the same glass knobs on each piece, obviously they are just decorative on the hope chest as it is the top that opens up, but I think they give both pieces a nice little bit of sparkle.

B Hope Chest 5

B Hope Chest 6

So what do you think?….do you like the colour, or is it too bold for you?  Both of these pieces have been posted up for sale in my on-line Shop….so hopefully someone out there likes this colour as much as me!

Have a wonderful weekend,