So I almost once again forgot to take a before picture for you to see….I had started sanding the drawer fronts, so I did not bother to put them back in for the photo, but I think you can get the idea of what it looked like before!  I purchased this piece from a lovely lady in town here who just had no more room or use for it in her house.  It was in excellent condition and only needed a light sanding before I could get to painting it, which was nice!

B L Blue Dresser 1

I mixed up a very soft blue colour, using DIY chalk-like paint, for this piece.  It took three coats to give it a nice coverage, I then sanded and distressed it in areas, and then finished the dresser off with a coat of clear wax.

I love these kind of dresser, they are not too big and really they would look great in any room.  Once I was finished I wanted to keep it, but I did not think my husband would appreciate another piece of furniture in the house (unless I was willing to part with something else) so I posted a couple of pictures of it up on my Facebook Page and it sold before I could get any photos of it up here on my website…..secretly I was kind of hoping no one would buy it, then I would just had to have kept it!!

B L Blue Dresser 7

I kept the original hardware on this piece as I loved the simply style of them.

B L Blue Dresser 2

….and as you may know I am a sucker for furniture with those little wheels….which can can sort of see in the photo above.

B L Blue Dresser 4

Bye for now!