I hope that everyone enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had this weekend!  We spent a couple of days up at the cottage, and actually went swimming!!…I think this is the earliest we have been in the water in a long time!

My older brother picked me up this sewing table last week….I just love when people bring me stuff that others no longer want, thinking that I may be able to do something with it!!

Given that the sewing machine was no longer in it, and that when you flipped open the top of the table there was a hole where the machine was former located, I decided to screw the top down from the underside so that it could no longer open.  I am not sure if you can tell from the photo above, but the top of the table is constructed out of pressboard with a plastic-like veneer on the top and side surfaces, whereas the legs of the table appear to be solid wood (at least I think they are…but don’t hold me to it!!).  And if you look even closer, you can see that some of the veneer had fallen off the sides of the very top surface of the table.  Given such, I decided that I would paint this piece using chalk paint, as it can pretty much stick to anything, and is great for giving pieces an aged  look when distressed which I find hides what may be considered imperfections (such as the missing veneer).

B Sewing Table 2

I used Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’ chalk paint on this piece…which is a creamy-white colour.  Once painted and dry, I then distressed it in areas using a sanding block, and then applied a clear wax.  Following the clear wax, I then put on some dark aging wax in areas to give it even more of an aged look….you can see some of the dark wax in the photo below…I did not put it on real heavy, but just enough that it gave the table a little more character.  I sometimes find that if you put too much dark wax on a piece it can make the piece look more dirty rather then aged.

B Sewing Table 3

…..and see what I mean about once painted and distressed – you don’t really notice that the veneer is missing on the very top of the sides of the table…it rather just blends in with the aged look of the table.

I tried to distress the paint a little more around the pull/handle to give the appears that the paint had just naturally worn down with time from being used (although with this table there is actually no drawer that can be opened!!…it is just for show).  Oh, and I changed the pull from the original one that was on it, I thought that this one gave it more of a country look.

B Sewing Table 4

B Sewing Table 5

I have painted one other sewing table in the past for my mom, although hers still has the sewing machine in it (I think there is a photo of it in my Before & After section of my website – it’s a dark reddish / burgundy colour)….her table fills a nice little space in her rec room.  I think tables these size look great in any room or hallway!

B Sewing Table 6

I will be posting this one up for sale on my website as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to!